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Male Protagonist 2 - Deen

Male Protagonist 2 - Deen

You don't have any or only a little experience, but you want to get appart of a movie setting. Maybe the book adaptation of the first book of the "One Last..." series is going to fit well for you. The book and setting itself include themes such as health care, cancer, drugs like alcohol, traumatising pasts, and their sexuality, which are related to themes like BDSM and polyamour. If you are open to that, it's recommended that you check out the book "One Last Beat from L.H. Kuhrau" and find the role that fits you best. Make sure that if you choose one of the main characters, the series includes four parts altogether, which you will get apart from. The first part will mainly be in two places, but already the second is going to be in many different places, even other countries.

His parents were loving and kind, and as his mother wasn't able to get children anymore, they adobted Nathaniel as a friend for him. Desperately, Deen tried to get as good as him and became a doctor later too. However, he took the longer way, with many different girls each night and day. His consequent friend and later problem is alcohol. While he works in the first part at first at the public hospital, he will later start to work at Nathaniel's private clinic after he has saved Lusie's life by telling her that the public clinic did give up on her to him. As much as he wants to achieve everything he does, he also wants her. Desperately, he tries and changes. Additionally, he will help his brother against the atagonist, the father of Nathaniel and owner of a pharmaceutical industry. There, he will stay for weeks and spy on them undercover to get as much information as possible. In the end, after he had gotten Lusie there and saw how hard it was on the place for her, they would fly together and later start to live together back at their home.
Please read the book for further information!

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