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Male Protagonist 1 - Nathaniel

Male Protagonist 1 - Nathaniel

You don't have any or only a little experience, but you want to get appart of a movie setting. Maybe the book adaptation of the first book of the "One Last..." series is going to fit well for you. The book and setting itself include themes such as health care, cancer, drugs like alcohol, traumatising pasts, and their sexuality, which are related to themes like BDSM and polyamour. If you are open to that, it's recommended that you check out the book "One Last Beat from L.H. Kuhrau" and find the role that fits you best. Make sure that if you choose one of the main characters, the series includes four parts altogether, which you will get apart from. The first part will mainly be in two places, but already the second is going to be in many different places, even other countries.

In his childhood, he was abused (no scenes about that). At the age of six, he got adobted to a wealthy family, where he got a new best friend, whom he learned to call his brother Deen. While he becomes a doctor, he also gets to know why his past has been like it has been and chooses to work against the pharmaceutical industry. In his own private clinic, he heals cancer without their influence. Lusie is the first person he has ever gotten interested in. Though he can read every person like an open book, she imponifies him with both her character and how she has solved her problems on her own. He shows her part of the BDSM world, but since he isn't able to have sex himself, he wants her to get to know it with his "brother" instead. Since she likes both of them very much, at the end of the book, he will encourage her to get to him instead of staying while he spends the most time at work in his clinic.

Please read the book yourself for further information!

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