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Main Role

Main Role

Hello everyone! I am a second-semester film student and I am recreating a scene from the horror movie "The Conjuring 2" (starts at 1:10:00, ends at 1:15:20). I will essentially create a crossover between the "Conjuring" and the "Insidious" universes so in this scene, the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren try to interrogate the spirit that is allegedly haunting a young boy and his family. Since this is a student project it will unfortunately be unpaid.

Ed Warren is the husband of the psychic Lorraine Warren. Together they investigate paranormal activities and try to help those who can't help themselves. Ed may not be psychic like his wife but he is a great investigator. Their complementing skillsets make them an inseparable team.

Bezahlt: Nein Budget: keines Drehtage: 1 Tage Bewerbungsfrist: 15.11.2023
Talenttyp: Schauspieler:innen Drehort: Berlin, Germany Drehzeitraum: 20.11.2023 - 03.12.2023 Anzahl gesuchter Talents: 1 Geschlecht: m Auto erforderlich: Nein
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