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The Son (Josh)

The Son (Josh)

Hello There,
Hope all of you are doing well. I am looking for 2 actors for my current on going project titled ''DISORDER". I am looking for a actor who is around 45-56 year old and a counter part who is 25-30 years old. It is a student film but rest assured that me and my crew will try to achieve the highest quality possible as this is my semester final project and it will be screened in a cinema too. The project will be published under my collective titled the Pixelo Collective.

The older actor will play a father figure and the younger actor will play a son role in the film. The shoot is not paid but catering and transportation will be provided. Thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you soon.

You can check out the production booklet for the project in this link : https://shorturl.at/itJUX
Check out my previous here :

Josh is a complex and troubled character, shaped by the absence of his parents during his formative years. His feelings of isolation and neglect have led to a deep-seated resentment towards his father and a tendency to keep his emotions and struggles bottled up inside. This internal turmoil has given rise to a powerful and persistent entity that haunts Josh, representing the negative thoughts and emotions that he is unable to confront.
Despite his inner demons, Josh is a sensitive and empathetic person, with a keen awareness of the struggles of others. He has a natural curiosity about the world and a desire to connect with people, though his anxiety often gets in the way. He can be introspective and reflective, but also prone to bouts of self-doubt and self- pity.
As the story unfolds, we see Josh forced to confront his innermost demons and to reckon with the painful memories and emotions that he has kept buried for so long. His journey is one of self-discovery and healing, as he learns to overcome his fears and embrace his true self. Through his struggles, Josh becomes a symbol of the power of resilience and the importance of facing our inner demons, no matter how difficult it may be.

Bezahlt: Nein Budget: keines Drehtage: 3 Tage Bewerbungsfrist: 10.05.2023
Talenttyp: Schauspieler:innen Drehort: Berlin, Germany Drehzeitraum: 27.05.2023 - 29.05.2023 Anzahl gesuchter Talents: 1 Geschlecht: w/m/d Auto erforderlich: Nein
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