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Diverse character in video game

Diverse character in video game

I am looking for 3 actors for a music video that we are creating that highlights diversity in gaming arts. My team will be combining 3 separate tracks to create a unique sound and using surreal images to create a visual experience like no other.

Role is for a diverse actor/dance/model that would act in a music video. All people are welcome to audition. Scenes would consist of acting of playing video games and some simulated fight scenes (no choreography needed). Some dialogue may be written for characters. More information provided during initial casting.

Bezahlt: Nein Budget: keines Versichert: Nein Drehtage: 2 Tage Bewerbungsfrist: 30.11.2022
Talenttyp: Schauspieler:innen Drehort: Berlin, Germany Drehzeitraum: ab dem 14.12.2022 Anzahl gesuchter Talents: 3 Geschlecht: d Auto erforderlich: Nein
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