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Supporting role with dialogue

Supporting role with dialogue

Mezzanine, the gripping crime thriller set in the same world as “The 3rd”, tells the story of a young mafia hitman released from a five year prison sentence to a unfamiliar, dangerous world.
*Pay possible based on project*

Besos Vicente - A foot soldier in Nino’s crew. Besos is money hungry and driven by his only want in this world...power. Quick with a gun or his trusty machete, Besos can make for menacing friend or a terrible enemy.

Bezahlt: Nein Budget: keines Drehtage: 5 Tage Bewerbungsfrist: 30.11.2023
Talenttyp: Schauspieler:innen Drehort: Berlin, Germany Drehzeitraum: 23.01.2024 - 28.01.2024 Anzahl gesuchter Talents: 1 Geschlecht: w/m/d Auto erforderlich: Nein
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